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DJ has coached many successful athletes.

See below for testimonials from some of DJ's students.

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Tracy Evans Testimonial

Throughout my running & triathlon “career”, I’ve worked with a few different coaches. All of them had very distinct approaches & methodologies, all of which helped me reach my goal successfully. I would tell them my goal and they would devise a program to get me there. I would meet my goal, stop using the coach & settle back into my standard running or triathlon routine.
Then I started using DJ as a coach. DJ was different than coaches I had used in the past. DJ just didn’t want to hear what my goal was & give me a program to reach it. He wanted to know about me as a runner/triathlete and as a person. What kind of time restraints I had; what my other commitments were – work, kids, etc.; what could I realistically fit in on a work day. Did I like a certain type of workout over another? His priority was in devising a program that worked for me as an athlete and for me as a person.
DJ was not simply concerned in getting me to my goal. His concern included devising a program that fit with my life that I would enjoy and continue with well beyond the goal race. He was in regular contact with me throughout the training. If he didn’t hear from me for a couple of days, he would ask how things were going. If I had trouble with a workout, he would talk through why & modify the next one if needed. I knew that he had other clients, but working with him, I felt like I was his top priority. He was truly concerned that I was happy and healthy and getting the most from him and his training.
With DJ’s training I never felt tired and was injury-free throughout. I was able to give the hard days my all week after week without burning out and actually looked forward to them. DJ is simply a genuinely nice guy with a love for the sport and for the success of his clients. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients and applies it in a very doable manner. I use the word “clients” loosely as you feel like much more than that to him.
Using DJ’s coaching, I was able to qualify for Boston, setting a marathon PR (after 40 marathons and age 43!) and set a PR at an iron distance triathlon. All while having a blast and keeping my work and family life intact! He has taught me a way of training that I am confident will carry me through many years and PR’s to come!

Tim Weadick Testimonial

DJ has trained me through 2 Ironman events (Louisville and Arizona). My goals were to not get injured during the training season, finish under the 17 hour limit, finish feeling good, and to finish with a smile on my face. I am happy to say DJ was instrumental in helping me to accomplishing those goals.
What I have learned from DJ about how to training and myself will last me a life time. The personal training schedule, tailored to my needs, guided me through the many hours of training.
I have had serval other friends and my son train with DJ. They have had excellent results and have enjoyed their relationship with DJ. Do It, Its worth it!

Kyle Copelin Testimonial

I started running and competing in triathlons as a 30-something always wanting more out of myself from training days to the big race. Since bringing DJ into the equation a short few years ago I have gone from a below average athlete to one that is at the top of my age group in local running and triathlon events to multiple marathon PR’s to completing Ironman events.
More importantly than placement, DJ’s guidance brings along with it the comfort in knowing my physical and mental wellness is in good hands and regardless of how bad I feel in tough workouts I will always be prepared on race day. He has made my journey as an athlete a person one, allowing him to focus on my specific needs rather than what you would expect from most generic coaching programs.


DJ Multisport coaching philosophy is to help you get the most out of your available training time. I don’t believe in junk mileage or useless workouts.

We combine the most current research and triathlon training techniques with proven race strategies to help our athletes reach their goals.